Manufacturer Model Version Date Description URL
ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 1.90 3/5/2008 Patches ATI HD3650/HD3450 PCI-E card
ASRock ALiveN570SLI-eSATA2 1.20 4/23/2008 Updates CPU code
ASRock AliveNF7G-HD720p R5.0 2.20 2/5/2008 Updates CPU AGESA code
ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready 2.10 1/7/2008 Patches nVidia 8800GT for Vista
ASRock Penryn1600SLIX3-Wifi 1.10 4/23/2008 Modifies QX6850 CPU
Asus Crosshair 1103 3/19/2008 Fixes system fails to detect Optional fan 4# and 5#; fixes system may not boot with AMD Sempron 2800+ CPU
Asus DSAN-DX 0202 4/24/2008 Automatically resumes after few seconds when no floppy warning occurs; adds a beep for VGA found
Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI 0902 4/24/2008 Fixes Vcore does not change when C'nQ function is enabled for AM2+ CPU
Asus P5E64 WS Pro 0604 3/26/2008 None specified
Asus Striker II Extreme 0402 4/14/2008 Fine-tunes some hardware monitor items; fixes SETUP will show abnormally when using certain SLI-ready memory
Biostar A740G M2+ 6.x A74gm317 3/18/2008 To support AMD G2 version CPU
Biostar G31-M7 V6.1 IG31M321 3/21/2008 Updates BIOS source code
Biostar GF7100P-M7 6.x N73PM325 3/28/2008 Updates BIOS source code
Biostar GF8200 M2+ 6.x N78SM408 4/9/2008 Updates BIOS source code
Biostar Tpower N750 5.x N72PA321 3/24/2008 Updates memory test c2.01
ECS 761GXM-M (PCB: 1.x) 08/02/21 3/14/2008 Fixes AMD Sempron Dual Core 2100 CPU name string display incorrect
ECS 945P-A (PCB: 3.X) 08/03/14 3/31/2008 Supports Intel CPU E2160 & E1200
ECS A740GM-M (PCB: 1.x) 08/03/10 3/14/2008 Updates AMD AGESA code; AMD update VBIOS to fix DVI/HDMI low resolution failure issue; patches 1 TB HDD show capacity incorrect
ECS G31T-M (PCB: 1.X) 08/02/27 3/27/2008 Updates microcode for Yorkfield C-0/M-0 and XE C-0 stepping and Wolfdale C-0 stepping
ECS K9A2 CF 1.5 3/19/2008 Removes UUID item
ECS K9A2 Platinum 1.4 3/12/2008 Updates CPU module
ECS P4M800PRO-M478 (PCB: 1.x) 08/03/07 3/11/2008 Supports SST49LF040B & M50FLW040AK5G flash rom
ECS P4M900T-M (PCB: 1.x) 08/03/19 3/25/2008 Updates audio codec; supports Conroe L2 stepping; fixes onboard 1394
ECS P7N SLI Platinum 1.1 2/25/2008 Fixes system cannot resume from S3 with E8499 XOU
ECS PT890T-A (PCB: 1.x) 07/12/19 2/25/2008 Fixes DRAM show incorrectly during post screen using 4GB memory
Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (rev.1.0) F4 3/4/2008 Updates CPU ID (Support AM2+ Phenom Triple Core CPU); adds support for AMD OverDrive utility
Gigabyte GA-MA770-S3 (rev.1.0) F3 3/4/2008 Updates CPU ID (Support AM2+ Phenom Triple Core CPU); adds support for AMD OverDrive utility
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H (rev.1.0) F3 3/4/2008 Fixes onboard graphics and VGA card display order issue; adds support for AMD OverDrive utility
Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 (rev.1.0) F4 3/4/2008 Updates CPU ID (Support AM2+ Phenom Triple Core CPU); adds support for AMD OverDrive utility
Intel D5400XS 0926 2/18/2008 Adds support for dual processor fan control; fixes fan surge early in POST; fixes system reset when overriding memory timings in some cases*%20XP%20Home%20Edition&lang=eng
Intel DG965WH/DG965SS/DG965PZ/DG965OT/DG965MS/DG965MQ/DQ963FX/DQ963GS 1729 3/26/2008 Adds workaround for STMicro PVG TPM parts for Vista test; fixes local hard drive is inaccessible during IDER DOS session when SATA is configured as AHCI/RAID*%20XP%20Home%20Edition&lang=eng
MSI X48 Platinum 2.2 3/20/2008 Fixes system cannot pass MSI internal test issue
Shuttle SG33G5 SG33S115 4/17/2008 Supports SIO ITE8718 version H 
Shuttle SG33G5M SG33SM15 4/17/2008 Opens Max Payload Item to 4096 selectable 
Shuttle SN68SG2 SN68SS0L 4/21/2008 Fixes some DDR2 800 DRAM unstable; fixes OpenBSD USB flash can't boot issue
Shuttle SS30G2 SS30S1CJ 4/22/2008 Fixes Suspend Mode cannot be adjusted; removes USB 2.0 support for USB keyboards
Supermicro C2SBX 1.0b 3/5/2008 Not specified